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the Redeem Her Time Podcast

Faith-centered TRUTH + TOOLS for Busy Midlife Women Entrepreneurs

Break Free from Busyness
Create Work-Life Balance
Productivity Planning

REDEEM Her Time™ on the Go!

Check out the go-to podcast for busy Christian Women Entrepreneurs who want to let go of BUSY!

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Find True Rest: Jesus’ Time Management Strategy for Weary, Burned out Christian Women


Ruthlessly Eliminate Hurry: 3 Steps to Slow Down for Good as a Busy Christian Woman


Always Busy? 2 Key Time Management Tips to Keep Time from Getting Away from You…Again


Whose Kingdom are you Building? 3 Steps to Build the Kingdom of God with your Phone


Interrupted Again? 3 Ways to Handle Interruptions so Your Plans Don’t Go Out the Window



Tired of trying to keep up with endless demands?

If you’ve given in too many times to the obligations, expectations & distractions all around you and keep saying you’ll do better next year, next month, next week, tomorrow…

then you’re gonna to LOVE the REDEEM Her Time™ Podcast!

Get ready for some life & schedule decluttering so you can create the space you desire to be with the Lord consistently, nurture your family well, and pour into your work & passions…and finally prioritize yourself inside and out.

Open up your Heart & Calendar... and let's get started!
Featured Episode

On this next episode in the REDEEM Her Phone-Time Challenge Series, we will first look at our heart and who is truly on the throne…then we’ll look at the 3 steps to build first His Kingdom with our phones as busy Christian women.

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About your host
I'm Lissa,

Your NEW Make-the-Best-Use-of-Your-Time BESTIE!

I’m here to encourage & equip you as a busy faith-led women to go from over-whelmed to on-purpose.

I’m a once too-busy wife, mom & leader who decided to push pause & get quiet with the Lord to ask where He wanted me to invest my time and attention.

Now I’ve created space in my schedule for spending quiet time with God, enjoying date night with my hubby, pouring into other women, serving at my church- and taking care of me…finally!

The 3-step REDEEM Her Time™ Plan has become a regular rhythm to realign my time when I get pulled away from what He has called me to do in this season- and it will be for you too! 

This podcast is a resource to not only improve your time management and grow in your faith, relationships, work, wellness and joy– it’s also a welcome place to laugh, learn, & connect with someone who gets you….cuz I was you.

Grab your earbuds (and your journal) and I’ll meet you on the next episode of the REDEEM Her Time™ Podcast.


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