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Feeling Busy? 3 Keys to Redefine Your Productivity Habits.

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We have a problem. A busyness problem.  

And it doesn’t help that we live in a busy world that tells us ongoing busyness is a sign of productivity…but is it really? What kind of fruit are you producing when you’re always busy? Mostly exhaustion and emptiness.

We often mistake busyness for productivity.

But when we redefine productivity according to God’s truth, we will go from busyness to fruitfulness. Listen to this description of productivity (aka fruitfulness) in Psalm 92:12-15

The righteous flourish like the palm tree and grow like a cedar in Lebanon  They are planted in the house of the Lord, 

They flourish in the courts of our God 

They still bear fruit in old age (even in midlife and beyond) 

because they are ever full of sap and green.  

She is not a busy-bee flitting around from one thing to the next.

She flourishes and is fruitful by being planted and abiding in Him.

So how do we redefine our Productivity Habits to be Fruitful as Christian Entrepreneurs?  

Key #1- The Diagnosis of Chronic Busyness

When asked, “How’s life lately?” Is BUSY the word that often slips out?  

Our fast-paced culture tells us to stay in perpetual motion and sees busyness as a mark of success, significance, and strength.

Busyness is our new normal, but it’s affecting us more than we know.

We put off our prayer time.

We pass by our family.

We neglect our friendships.

We don’t focus on our business.

We are unaware of our spending. 

We put our health on the back burner.

We don’t have time for passions.

We let our homes get away from us. 

Busyness costs more time, money and effort than you realize. 

When you’re busy, especially when saying the words “oh, just staying busy” out loud, what message are you sending others?  

It’s like the days when phones hung on the wall with a cord… What happened if you were talking and someone else called?  They got a busy signal, telling them you’re unavailable.

Unavailable. Is that what you’re telling others (and God) when you say there’s never enough time or life is always busy?

Maybe you’re not saying it out loud…but your actions are.

Would you say you suffer from Chronic Busyness?  

What do your words say? 

What do your actions say?  

What does your calendar say?  

What does your life say? 

The first step is always diagnosing (or noticing) the problem cuz then you can do something to change. 

“As followers of Christ, we are to live our lives for the Lord. Yet busyness often reveals how we are slaves to our schedules instead of servants of our Savior.  As believers, it is not about having a busy life, but a fruitful life.  The difference lies in what we allow to motivate our actions.  If we live for ourselves or for the world, we will approach our time with a desire for success, security and satisfaction. But if we live for Christ, we will approach our time with a desire for faithfulness.”

From Breaking free from Busyness by the Daily Grace Co 

If you’ve made the mistake of making your busyness a sign of your productivity, it’s time to redefine productivity God’s way.

Key #2- God’s Definition of Productivity.

Success, security, satisfaction- that’s productivity by the world’s standard.

Productivity stirs a need to do more in less time to get more results. 

And that’s really not true. Sure you can do a lot of things, and even do a lot of things in less time, and get results…but not necessarily the results you desire.  

In John 15:5 Jesus says,

I am the vine, you are the branches. Whoever abides in me and I in Him, He it is that bears much fruit, for apart from me you can do nothing. 

Does that remind you of the righteous bearing fruit in Psalm 92?  

Fruit is produced is not because the tree or the vine run around getting a little sap here and there, it’s because they are planted and abiding in the true source of life and growth.  

The most productive thing you can do is to not DO, but to BE.  To fill up with Him so that He produces the fruit.

Productivity (n): the state or quality of producing something (aka fruit)  

If we as Christian women want to produce fruit, we need to be like the tree in Ps 92 and like the vine in John 15. Because when we are planted in His presence, we will flourish, grow and bear fruit that glorifies Him and invites others to taste and see.

Who doesn’t like to enjoy a juicy piece of fruit from a flourishing tree?  

But how do we start to experience this shift in our heart and calendar? 

Key #3- The Direction to go from Busyness to Fruitfulness.

Girl, this is when it gets fun…so let’s get planted and growing! 

  1. Evaluate your chronic busyness symptoms. Look how your busyness is affecting the 8 areas of attention- faith-walk, family, friendships, work/business, stewardship, wellness, passions dwelling. By acknowledging the condition of your heart can you make changes with your time.
  1. Prioritize the things God says matter. Listen to His voice over what the world says matters. (It’s NOT all-the-things) I’ll give you a hint, it can be summarized into 2 simple, yet far reaching commands- to love God + love others.  And we live that out in the context of the 8 areas of attention listed above. 
  1. Remember what God says about productivity and fruitfulness.  Fill up with His truth about your time and what productivity looks like. Productivity is not about being busy doing lots of things, but about doing the right things in the right way at the right time WITH Him to produce fruit that lasts.
  1. Make a plan to use your time well (aka redeem it).  Don’t puff up with knowledge and not put it into practice…take practical, actionable steps to map out where He is calling you to invest your time to produce fruit for His kingdom in this season and in light of eternity that will last and glorify Him.
  1. Look at your growth and His grace over your life.  Take time to look back at your growth over time, even when you sometimes jump back on the hamster wheel of busyness. Recognize that it’s only because of His presence and grace that you can produce any fruit in your life and business.

“If we find that our schedules are keeping us from prioritizing our relationship with the Lord, investing in friends and families, and taking care of our health, it is possible that our schedules have been centered around us, rather than the Lord (even when we’re filling it up with “good things” and especially when we are doing them with “wrong motives”)… so stop and consider whether you are currently using your time for God’s glory above all else. Think through your motivation for your work, tasks and roles.  Consider whether you are doing too much and examine your true motives… is when God sits on the throne of our hearts that our time will be fruitful and reflective of the God we serve.”   

From Breaking free from Busyness by the Daily Grace Co

I could go on and on about this idea of BUSYNESS to FRUITFULNESS, but I think I’ve given you enough to reflect on for today- 

  • Do you have a diagnosis of chronic (ongoing) busyness?  
  • Are you redefining productivity from God’s perspective? 
  • Do you have direction to go from busyness to fruitfulness?  

This journey from Busyness to Fruitfulness can take a lifetime. 

But having the right system + support with faith at the center, will help shorten the learning curve.  And it starts with planting yourself in His presence each day. 

Grab my free FILL YOUR CUP FIRST Guide for Permission + Direction to redefine your productivity habits to start (and end) your day by filling up your body, mind & spirit so you will be fruitful.

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