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Lissa Figgins

Fellow Midlifer, Recovering "SHOULD-DO" Girl and your Go-To for Faith-centered Time Management. No matter how STRETCHED you feel in this season of life, I'm here to encourage + equip you to discover God really has given you an ABUNDANCE of TIME for what HE's called you to!

Women standing next to French doors getting ready to teach about building your CEO belief in you specific area of expertise.

Build CEO Belief in Your Specific Area of Expertise: 5 Keys

Do you truly believe you’re a CEO- a Christ Empowered Operator of your WITH-God Life + Biz?

Consider the importance of CEO belief.

If you were hiring a CEO of a Fortune 500 Company, wouldn’t it make sense that you’d be looking for someone who believes she’s the right girl for the job, someone with the specific area of expertise you’re looking for? Of course, it would.

She would put together a resume with references for the board of directors showing her proven track record of training, talents, and results to demonstrate that she is not only qualified, but confident in her ability to take the company to the next level of growth…cuz without that level of belief, that girl wouldn’t get the job.

Do you have that level of CEO belief?