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4 Steps to Audit your Biz To-Do’s for Better Task Management

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You are the CEO (Christ-Empowered Operator) of your God-given business. So are you thinking + acting like a CEO?

Let’s talk about your biz TO-DO list…how does it make you feel?

OVERWHELMED by it all cuz you try to do it all…and give up OR

EXHAUSTED by it all cuz you try to do it all…and fail.

The truth is, you’re spending (aka wasting) TOO MUCH TIME on less important things on your TO-DO list.

Would you rather feel PEACEFUL + CONFIDENT that you’re focused on what matters, and able to let go of what doesn’t matter or doesn’t matter now? 

As a Christian woman entrepreneur, you’re juggling a LOT between Midlife + Business. So when there’s too much on your to-do list, either the right things don’t get done or don’t get done well.  Taking the time to audit what’s on your business to-do list with these 4 simple steps will help make space for what you’re called to for better task management and work that is not about BUSYNESS, but about FRUITFULNESS.

In the book Your Calling Here and Now by Gordon T Scott defines work as:

“Vocation is always particular: this person at this time and in this place.”  

As Christians our work is given to us by God for this season and we are to steward our time + talents to build His kingdom.

So….What is God calling you to do in your business? 

“We do not need to live with any compulsion to speak or act beyond what is called for in the particulars of this time and place….We do not life frenetically trying to be and do as much as possible, but rather have a sense of time and place, what we need to be and do, together with a peace and settledness of heart regarding what is not needful.” Your Calling Here and Now

It all comes down to Tending to what matters- No more and no less.

In Luke 10, Jesus visits the home of Mary and Martha, so as you can imagine there’s lots TO-DO…cuz there’s no INSTA-anything!

“But Martha was distracted with much serving”…which is understandable given the circumstances.

So she goes to Jesus to get Mary to help with her TO-DO list…she never considered there were things on it that didn’t matter in the moment.

But Jesus didn’t focus on her TO-DO list, He focused on her HEART.

“Martha, Martha, you are anxious and troubled about many things, but one thing is needful.”  Luke 10:41

It’s easy to point the finger cuz we can see Jesus standing there, so of course she should choose Him over the kitchen…but don’t we often do the same in our modern day lives?

We must ask ourselves (and Him): 

  • What is the one thing needful?  
  • What do I need to tend to today?  
  • What do I need to say? 
  • What can be left undone or unsaid today? 
  • What can be left for another day?

What is the Lord telling YOU matters right now? 

How would that change what’s on your to-do list?

Once you know what matters, TEND to it (aka give it time and attention) 

It might be something ordinary like posting a daily encouragement or sending your weekly email or attending a monthly networking event 

Or it may be working on the next step of a big project like building out a new program to help your best clients get the best transformation in the best way (like what I’m working on with the Redeemed Midlife CEO)

No matter how big or how small, it’s about deciding as the CEO what needs to be said and done…and what needs to be left unsaid and undone

Audit your Biz To-Do List for Better Task Management 

First, get that to-do list in front of you.  I’ll wait…  

  • If it doesn’t exist, start brain dumping all the things.
  • If it exists in random places, start collecting all the things 
  • If it exists as an organized list, start sorting all the things

(Inside the REDEEMED Midlife CEO Program I’ll teach you how to eliminate 95% of your to-do list…sound amazing?)

  • What’s on your list?
  • How does it make you feel?
  • Why is it on your list in the first place?  Because of the TIONS- Expectations, Obligations, Distractions?
  • What does God say matters?  
  • What has He given you to do in this time and in this place?

Simplify your Business TO-DO List with the 4D’s

Delete, Delegate, Delay, Do 

  1. DELETE- What doesn’t matter at all? Don’t do things because others say you should. The gurus may have told you to spend time organizing your backend, creating multiple offers, showing up on all platforms…but CEOs decide what tasks don’t need to be done.

When you DELETE, it frees up time to do what does matter.

  1. DELEGATE- What does matter, but it’s not all on you?  Solopreneurs start wearing all the hats, but then hand them off- like admin tasks, email management, social media replies, onboarding new clients, automated workflows…CEOs focus on the vision + decisions.

When you DELEGATE, frees up time for tasks only you can do.

  1. DELAY- What does matter, but not right now?  This is not procrastinating what should be done now to move forward, this is looking at the order of steps about what needs to happen and assigning it to a better time…CEOS know what needs to happen now.

When you DELAY, it frees up time for what matters now.

  1. DO- What does matter, is on me, and matters now?  Make a plan and make it happen! Identify the end result, map out the smaller steps, block off the time, follow through on your commitment to your calling here and now…CEOs take action to move the ball forward.

When you DO, it frees up time for what matters next.

So now, what’s a DO on YOUR list? 

What is He calling you to in your business in this time and in this place?  

Make that your short TO-DO list..and DO it. 

And experience the blessings as you go from BUSYNESS (trying to do all-the-things) to FRUITFULNESS (tending to what matters in this season)

Want free resources for investing your time tending what matters in Midlife + Biz?  Join my free REDEEMED Midlife CEO Club and I’ll drop them in your inbox.

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