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To-Do List Tips.  Use Power Hours for Better Time Management

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Today we’re talking TO-DO Lists…(aka SHOULD DO lists, cuz they always make you feel like you SHOULD be doing something.) I used to be controlled by mine too.  Whenever I thought of something that I should do, whether in life or biz, it went on one long list.  

But that list never was completed, only got longer and always weighed me down with a lot of SHOULD-DOs.

So, I ditched to-do lists and that feeling like there’s always something I should be doing…and it lifted that TO-DO list burden. 

How does your TO-DO list make YOU feel?  

Free & focused or depleted & distracted?  

I’m guessing the latter, cuz as a woman in midlife running a business, that’s how I felt too.

And I made these 3 mistakes with my TO-DO lists…

  • Writing RANDOM things
  • On RANDOM pieces of paper
  • In RANDOM order

Can you relate? 

No wonder you feel like there’s TOO MUCH to do and TOO LITTLE time…and you’re not really getting anywhere cuz you’re starting at the top of the list of what you THINK you should do. 

Proverbs 14:23 speaks to this… “All hard work brings a profit, but mere talk leads only to poverty.”  

That TO-DO list I was just carrying around, the one that you’re carrying around too, is likely more “mere talk” and not as much “hard work”…especially if it never gets done. Would you agree?

And besides, all those TO-DO’s and SHOULD-DO’s lead to a lot of wasted time- on things that don’t matter or in ways that take longer.

Wanna join me in DITCHING your TO-DO list (after we go through these steps)? 

Instead opt for something more effective and efficient when it comes to spending your time and energy-


It’s an hour (or so) set aside to power through something specific.  (You might have heard them called the Pomodoro Technique– setting a timer for 25 or 50 min with a break in between)

Power hours (or half-hours) are effective because they help…

  • Prioritize tasks
  • Increase focus
  • Reduce procrastination
  • Increase motivation
  • Develop long-term consistency
  • Improve time management
  • Create work-life balance

Isn’t that a way better outcome than what you’re experiencing using random lists of random things in random order?

PRO TIP:  Separate your list into recurring and miscellaneous tasks.  The recurring ones are ones that need to happen on a regular basis, whether that’s daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, annually. 

And if you’ve been paying attention to the series we’re in, you should already be thinking, I should create a routine around those tasks to get them off my to-do list…if so, you’re such a smart girl!  

In my biz I have POWER HOURS for how I start up and shut down my work for the day, how I follow up with clients and potential clients, how I create and share content, etc…and in my home life I have power hours for how I clean and do laundry, pay the bills, prep, prepare and clean up meals…etc.  

And for those miscellaneous tasks that are one and done, I schedule regular power hours (or half-hours) in both my biz work block and am or pm pour outs to catch those miscellaneous things that back in the day would have gone on my to-do list.

So how does this help you DITCH your TO-DO List?

It’s simple- anything that’s on your to-do list (that matters) that needs to happen regularly goes in a regularly scheduled focused time block…and anything that’s more of the one-time miscellaneous variety goes in either a biz or a personal power hour.  Does that make sense?  

That’s how you eliminate a to-do list…just assign it to a power hour. 

5 Steps to Create your own Power Hour Routines

  1. IDENTIFY THE NEED OR PROBLEM. Look at your list. 

Is the problem that you have a never-ending to-do list and you keep rewriting the same random things in random order in random places? Collect it all in one place so you can see the entirety of your list.

Or is the problem that you have tasks on it that don’t matter at all, don’t depend all on you or aren’t a priority in this season?  Be aware of what’s on it (and who put it there) and don’t be afraid to cross it off.

  1. UNCOVER THE ROOT.  Discover the real problem.  

Is it that you don’t have a system of routines to focus on the recurring tasks and power hours to collect the miscellaneous ones that pop up from time to time?  Time to collect like tasks into power hours.

Or is it that you’re allowing the expectations of others, the obligations of yourself or the distractions of the world to fill your to-do list? Identify what He’s called you to in this season and prioritize what needs your time and attention.

  1. PLAN THE STEPS. Now make a plan of action.  

Sort your list into personal and business tasks. Then use the 4 D’s Method to mark each as something to Delete, Delegate, Delay, or Do. 

Then for what’s left on your list, determine if it’s needed daily, weekly, monthly, or as needed.  Then group like recurring tasks together to conserve your resources and avoid jumping from one to the next.

  1. BLOCK THE TIME.  Put it on your calendar.  

All those recurring tasks should go into a daily, weekly or monthly time block where you will give them your focused attention. 

And then schedule personal and biz power hours to gather all the seemingly random tasks into time blocks where you will get them off your list for good (if you notice they come up repeatedly, move them to a recurring routine block).

  1. INVITE THE SUPPORT. Communicate with who needs to know.  

If it’s something your family needs to know so they’re not asking all the time, or they should be part of the process, sit down and have a conversation about where you are assigning specific tasks.

Or if it’s something in your business that someone else can do for you or with you, be sure to make that clear too. When everyone is on the same page, you’ll get more done and avoid the frustration.

OK, now that you’ve put those should-do’s in a better place to get your focus (aka power hours), it’s time to DITCH that TO-DO list…

Doesn’t that feel good? 

Just promise me you’re  NOT gonna go back to writing those random tasks on random paper in random order…ok? 

We’re here to make the best use of our time and invest it in what He’s called us to so let me ask you…

What’s 1 thing on your current to-do list that you’ll assign to a power hour?  Extra credit if you identify if it’s a recurring task or a one-time to-do.

I’d love to hear so shoot me an email or come share inside the REDEEM Her Time Community

Want the TRUTH + TOOLS to simplify your TO-DO List?

The 4D’s are just one of the tools I share inside The REDEEMED Midlife CEO program, so if your list feels long (or longer than you’d like) and is making you feel busy with all your SHOULD-DO’s, I encourage you to book a BUSYNESS BREAKTHROUGH Call …and discover the key to having enough time for what you’re called to in this season of midlife + biz.

And it’s NOT adding to your TO-DO (or SHOULD-DO) list!

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