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Reclaim Your Time: 5 Steps to a Healthy Phone-time Routine

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Stop. Before you read any further, go grab your phone…I know it’s on you or at least within arms’ reach so it will only take a second…right?  

Go to Settings > Screen Time and look at your daily average screen time. What number do you see? 

If you’re average, your number will be around 3 hours 14 min (give or take). 

Whether yours is far more or way less, what matters most is your answer to this next question…

How does it feel to think about that much of your precious time going to your device? 

I’m guessing no matter where you find yourself, you might be surprised at how much it adds up… and wish it was less. Am I right?

Perhaps you even listened to the REDEEM Your Phone Time Series on the podcast back on Episodes 105-122 (yes we covered this topic in depth) but despite your good intentions, your old habits crept back in. 

Do you know WHY?  

Cuz you didn’t turn the DESIRE to change into a sustainable ROUTINE. 

No worries- today we’re gonna change all that by building a routine around what I call the BIG DADDY of all DISTRACTIONS- your phone (or other digital devices).

But the problem is, we’re not just distracted…we’re addicted.  

  • Globally, the average time spent on the internet is 6 hours 57 minutes
  • 31% of American adults are constantly online and 48% go on several times a day.
  • Average daily screen time in the US is 7 hours 4 min

And no wonder we’ve got such a problem- cuz we have SO MANY devices and SO MUCH easy access!  

Most women have no idea how much time gets sucked up by our devices (actually that we willingly hand over).  And here’s the sad truth about all those minutes, hours, days and by now weeks and years of your life you’ve spent on your phone… you can never get them back.  

And what do you really have to show for it?  Probably not much.

If you want your WITH-God life to run smoothly and efficiently you’ll have a routine to plug the phone-time leak.  

Remember our factory analogy? If that plant manager notices that fuel is leaking out all over the floor and takes away from the intended process of producing that product, you better believe he’s gonna do something to fix the problem and redirect that valuable resource towards the intended result. 

Looking around + down wastes your most precious resource… TIME.

Proverbs 4:25-27 “Let your eyes look straight ahead; fix your gaze directly before you. Give careful thought to the paths for your feet and be steadfast in all your ways. Do not turn to the right or the left; keep your foot from evil.”

Let’s give careful thought to where (and when) we use our devices. 

5 Steps to build a Healthy Phone Time Routine

  1. IDENTIFY THE PROBLEM.  Be honest, your phone or some device is probably on you 24/7 and has become another appendage. It feels like we can’t do life without it. But how much is time spent on your phone (or any screen) taking time away from what matters- that project you committed to, that kid that needs a hug, that walk with your hubby?

Identify 1 problem area for you on your device that’s taking up your time- Is it… 

  • Email? 
  • Texting or messaging? 
  • Social media? 
  • Online Shopping? 
  • Mindless scrolling? 
  • Endless research?
  • Playing games? 
  • Binging shows?  

You may be thinking it’s all-the-above…and it may be. But start with just 1, then as you make changes you’ll see the ripple effect.

  1. UNCOVER THE ISSUE.  Now that you’re aware of the problem, it’s time to look under the hood- what’s the root issue?  And how is it affecting the other areas of your life? 

Perhaps for you it’s one of these reasons you turn to your device-

  • Acceptance. 
  • Boredom. 
  • FOMO. 
  • Procrastination. 
  • Escape.  

Or perhaps it’s something else.

For me, it was acceptance + FOMO when I was building my first business. I thought I had to be on all the social platforms to make connections and trigger the algorithm to show my content, but even with all that scrolling, liking and engaging with people I hardly knew did not get me the results I desired. In fact, my hubby even said, “You spend more time connecting with total strangers than with us.”  Ouch- the truth stings sometimes….and that’s why I made massive changes in my social media use.

So what is the root issue for you?  And how is it affecting you?  Better yet, how would your life be different if you had that wasted time back?

  1. PLAN THE STEPS.  For most routines, you start by adding a trigger that leads to next steps…but in this case, you first need to REMOVE the trigger.  What steps will you take to remove what triggers you to run to your phone more than the Lord or those you love?

Here are a few ideas- 

  • Turn off notifications of anything you don’t need to know in real time.  
  • Use focus mode when you’re in a focus time block. 
  • Unsubscribe to auto texts or emails you don’t need. 
  • Remove apps from your phone and only check on your computer.  
  • Decide you don’t need an app and turn it off completely. 

Next make a plan for that problem area you identified- 

  • What specific tools or apps will you NOT use? 
  • Which ones WILL you use? Why? 
  1. BLOCK THE TIME.  Do you walk to your mailbox multiple times a day to check to see what’s there?  Probably not, especially if you have a long driveway like I do- that would be a lot of wasted time. And chances are, nothing in there is an emergency anyway. You know the mail will be there waiting when you get there. 

Look at that problem area on your device- you’ve already identified the WHAT + WHY…now focus on WHEN.  Block off the time in your day when you will go engage with it…that way you won’t be tempted other times in the day and take precious time away from what matters in the moment. 

Make checking your inbox or that app part of a daily routine- 

  • when you start up or finish your work, 
  • over a lunch break, 
  • after dinner

…just promise me you won’t make it during a morning or evening refill cuz nothing on your device is truly refilling or fulfilling, right?  

Besides, it’s way too easy to get sucked in and before you know it, way too much time has gone by!

  1. INVITE THE SUPPORT.  When you’re working on changing and establishing new routines, especially in an area you’ve struggled with for a while, my advice is…NEVER DO IT ALONE.  What support will help you maintain your phone-time routines and follow through on what you say you’ll do or not do? Sheer will-power won’t be enough.

Perhaps it includes- 

  • Using tools like the focus or sleep mode
  • Setting up App restrictions. 
  • Leaving it in a charging station or phone basket
  • Putting your phone to bed early
  • Asking others to hold you accountable

Speaking of which, are you a member of the REDEEM Her Time Community?  That’s where we focus on the truth, tools & tips that help us give careful thought to the paths for our feet and be steadfast in all our ways when it comes to our time. Join the community here 

And better yet, how about some coaching from an expert?  Let’s schedule a 1 hr Schedule Shaping Strategy Session to not only plan out when you’ll use your device, but also when you’ll give time to the things that really matter in this season. I’d love to help you reclaim your time… and REDEEM it.

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